Back in the day, when wallpaper went out of style, homeowners rejoiced: gone were the battles long rolls of sticky paper, the endless aligning of patterns, the peeling and fading and scraping. Slap some paint on the wall and you’re good. But fashion is a fickle beast, and it has lately declared that wallpaper is back. But these aren’t the pastel floral prints of yesteryear today’s paper is all about brilliant graphics, bright (or not so bright) colors, and strategic application. Check out these posh papered homes, and see some of our picks from around the web.

This 6-bed, 8-bath home, is a great example of judicious wallpaper application. Take a look at the home’s garden potting room. On the walls is a very lively floral print that could easily become overwhelming. But used sparingly and paired with a muting sage green trim, it brings life into what might otherwise be a small, drab room.

For larger spaces, use wallpaper with a calmer colour scheme. In the kitchen of the house (above), a demure sunflower paper adds interest, but the edited colour palette keeps it from being too busy, while clean white trim and a dusky blue accent wall break up the repetition.

In the master bedroom, the warm browns and bronzes of the wallpaper echo the notes of the hardwood floor and create a comforting environment. White trim and furniture and accent colors of gentle blue and pink keep the room from looking too monochromatic.

To lend a big impact to a small space, consider a large, bold print, like the pineapple paper found in the study of this 5-bed, 6-bath home in Newport Coast, CA (above). The print opens up the room and adds interest, but the room’s defined color palette of brown and white keeps the walls simple and unobtrusive.